Friday, October 24, 2008

Waiting For Superman

We’re waiting. We sit in front of our computer screens with coffee breath clicking on our favorite movie news website hoping to hear that a new Superman film is on its way. We assume that Warner Bros and DC Comics are hard at work searching endlessly to find the right director and writing team to take on this seemingly impossible task. We hope to see a Superman film that displays a healthy balance of action and drama with sequences and villains ripped straight for the pages of our favorite comics. We’ve been through this before, and for some Superman Returns was the reward for our efforts, for others it was a disappointment after so many years of waiting.

Loyal Smallville fans are once again lobbying for “their Superman” Tom Welling to strap on the boots in what is being called a “revamp” by Jeff Robinov at Warner Bros. Their tireless work which includes petitions and manipulations of their top choice in a Superman suit are spread out in forum threads across the internet. Although smaller in number but just as relentless in their pursuit, fans of Brandon Routh are also making the case for “their Superman” to once again don the cape using similar tactics as the “Wellingites”

Fans of Routh were pleased with a story that broke on Latino Review in which Paul Levitz at DC mentioned that Brandon Routh had been to the DC offices in NY and LA to discuss Superman. This confusing turn of events sparked debate on movie forums across the internet as Superman Returns “apologists” and “haters” clashed over the validity of the Latino Review claim and both wondered how Routh could play the role of Superman if WB was rebooting the franchise.

It certainly is a question to ponder. How is it possible for WB to reboot a franchise while at the same time using the same actor in the role of Superman from a previous film that they are trying to distance themselves from? If going forward with Brandon Routh as Superman will the general public associate the universe that Bryan Singer created with this reboot? If the same situation applies with using Tom Welling in the role on the big screen, taking along the Smallville Universe, then it certainly has to apply to Routh. WB and DC might be thinking that if they do an origin story with Routh then it would erase the storylines of Superman Returns. It does happen in the comics, but this is the big screen we are talking about. Sometimes the audiences are not as forgiving.

I thought Routh was a good Clark Kent, but I would give his take on Superman solid at best. If they are truly going with a reboot which Robinov’s comments seem to suggest, then I find it hard to believe that they would cast Brandon Routh in the role. Sure it could be looked upon as a compromise between fans and non fans of Superman Returns going forward, but if true, this compromise could result in WB paying the price…again. Let the waiting game continue.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Paul Newman

PAUL NEWMAN 1925 - 2008

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

JLM: To Be, Or Not To Be

Nobody knows what is going on with this movie, except maybe Alan Horn and Jeff Robinov, and I bet they are laughing at us while sitting on a pile of "Dark Knight" money.

Peter Sciretta over at "Slashfilm" delivers and article which states that JLM is in pre-production...

Last we head, a big screen adaptation of Justice League might not be as dead as we first believed. /Film reader Alex Litel stumbled across the website for Dr. D Studios, a Australian-based “digital media company” formed by Omnilab Media Group and filmmaker George Miller. The website not only lists Happy Feet 2 as being “In Production” and Babe 3, Fury Road and Justice League of America being in “Pre-Production”. The company is actually at the Siggraph conference this week “actively hiring” for “several large scale film projects with a growing team of top talent from Australia and beyond.” The following quote also appears in a press release for the company’s Siggraph booth

Rob over at IESB is saying that his sources are telling him George Miller is off the project and it is dead because of the success of Dark Knight...

Changing gears for a sec, let's see what's currently going on with Justice League of America. Last week there were reports that the movie is finally moving forward. Guess what - that's not what we heard. IESB found out the complete opposite from various sources at WB -- the movie will not move forward in its current incarnation and a lot has to do with the success of The Dark Knight. Warner Bros. is not willing to risk pissing off Christopher Nolan or Christian Bale and their intent would be to move forward with a third Batman film instead of introducing another Batman in a JLA film.

Officially WB is stating that Justice League of America is on hold due to the potential SAG strike. We have been advised from various sources that the truth is that George Miller has been pulled off the project. We have contacted all parties involved including Kennedy/Miller and other producers but they have declined to comment at this time.

So does that mean that Miller is out of a job? Nope, we have been told that some execs over at Warner Bros. would like Miller to take over The Green Lantern project. Any truth to the rumor? Only time will tell but one thing is certain in my purest fan boy opinion - this script totally kicks ass!

My buddy Matt received a bulletin on Myspace from DC Comics which states the film is going into production in 2009.

What does this all mean? It means the Green Lantern script sounds tight.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Bernie Mac

BERNIE MAC 1957 - 2008

Friday, August 8, 2008

The Surrogates Filming In Boston

Story is set in the near future, where humans live in isolation and interact vicariously through surrogate robots who are better-looking versions of themselves. Willis plays a cop who, through his surrogate, investigates the murders of others’ surrogates. The cop is forced to venture from his own home for the first time in years and unravels a conspiracy.

Sound good? Does to me. Just received a notice that they will be filming in and around my home town, see below. I might have to go check it out and see if I can catch a chat with Bruce Willis or Ving Rhames.

Level Up Films

How is this show not on television somewhere? Surfing youtube and came across these gems. These are a must see. Seems to be a documentary about two late twenty to thirty-somethings living together. It's like "Odd Couple" meets "The Wizard". I'll tell you one thing, Evan Baxter and Kyle Magdaleno crack me up. Watch their misadventures below.


Level Up is an in-depth look into the lives of two professional gamers. Meet Evan, the millionaire addicted to Capri Suns and Cup of Noodles, and his roommate, the conflicted hopeless romantic Kyle. The story is in their journey, not the destination.

I did some research on these guys and came across their myspace pages. See below.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

"The Long Way Out" For Zach Stone

Zach's got my vote. Good luck bud.

Teen filmmaker Zach Stone wants to go to Hollywood and he’s asking everyone in Beverly to send him there — just vote for a film he helped make and if it wins the competition, Stone’s off to the left coast. The 14-year-old incoming Beverly High freshman was one of 11 local teens Fresh Films chose to make a short action film in just one-week in Boston this summer. View the Film “The Long Way Out”, made by a crew of Boston area teen filmmakers, including 14-year-old Zach Stone of Beverly, at the Fresh Films Website:
From Aug. 7 to 13, vote on-line for the best Action Hero film. Or text “BOSTON” to 95615.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Green Lantern Given The Greenlight?

According to Production Weekly The Green Lantern is now moving forward and will grace movie screens sooner rather then later. I for one hope this is true. I think this can be a "Bond-like" franchise in which the sky is the limit so to speak.

STATUS - Development PRODUCER: Donald De Line - Andrew Haas WRITER: Greg Berlanti - Marc Guggenheim - Michael J Green DC COMICS 1700 Broadway New York, NY 10019 WARNER BROS. PICTURES 4000 Warner Blvd. Burbank, CA 91522-0001

Each sector of space is protected by a Green Lantern, possessing a power ring that uses a powerful green energy to do anything within the limits of the user’s imagination and will power. When the Green Lantern assigned to this sector of space finds himself dying on planet Earth, he tells the ring to find a suitable successor. The chosen replacement, hot-shot test pilot Hal Jordan, finds himself with a new job he never expected.

The question is, will this take it's toll on a Justice League version of Green Lantern, which was originally going to be played by Common?
George Miller doesn't think so, but I guess he "didn't get the memo". Pun intended.

Initially slated to be filmed Down Under, Miller conceded production had been moved offshore, with a plan to resume filming next year.,21985,24109597-2902,00.html

Monday, August 4, 2008

Chicago Overcoat

A couple weeks ago I had the pleasure of meeting Chris Charles at a barbeque. Chris Charles works for Beverly Ridge Pictures and served as an assistant director and was in charge of casting for their new film, "Chicago Overcoat". I was treated to an exclusive trailer that really blew me away, I am definately looking forward to seeing this movie which features some big players, Frank Vincent and Armand Assante. See synopsis below.

Frank Vincent As LOU MARAZANO

Chicago Overcoat is a chilling look into the remains of the most powerful organized crime syndicate in the second half of the twentieth century. They were known as "The Outfit" and controlled the city of Chicago.

Lou Marazano, the Outfit's most deadly hit man is getting old. He gave up doing hits years ago and struggles to maintain a shylock business with the occasional card game. A life filled with regret and nothing to show for it. Lou is reminiscent of Al Pacino's portrayal of aging gangster Lefty Ruggiero in Donnie Brasco. A month before the Outfit's top boss goes on trial, Joe Barbone, a corrupt union representative is arrested for income tax fraud. The boss orders him to be silenced before the government can unfold an intricate scheme to siphon money through labor unions, involving millions of dollars in expressway construction contracts with the city. The scandal involves the Outfit's top bosses, city officials and police officers, all of whom the Outfit bosses are convinced would turn witness to avoid charges of their own. When Lou finds out about the contract he sees an opportunity to finance his retirement and decides it's time to reprise his role as the mob's top hitter.

On the other side of the law, homicide detective Ralph Maloney scrapes by on an honest cop's salary. Maloney has been working homicide for years; he's seen corrupt police and judges sweep plenty of mob hits under the carpet. Maloney isn't the type to rat but has always been too honest to climb the ladder of success in the Chicago Police Department. In the 80s he had a suspicion that a series of gangland slayings were connected. All of the victim's widows had received flowers from their husbands in the days before they died. Some at work, others at home, the flowers were all anonymously ordered and paid for at different flower shops all over the city. Working on his last year before retirement Maloney gets called to a bloody crime scene outside a downtown bar. When Maloney discovers that Joe Barbone's car was found abandoned outside the bar he decides to pay a visit to the Barbone residence. Inside he finds a fresh bouquet of flowers that was sent to Mrs. Barbone days earlier. Maloney remembers the connection to the killer from the 1980s and sets out to find his old nemesis before he retires. When Maloney proposes a connection to the approaching mafia trials, he finds that his old partner, now the residing Police Commissioner, wants to sweep the whole thing under the carpet. Fueled by his desire to catch "The Flowerman", Maloney digs deeper into Barbone's connection with the Outfit.

Soon enough Lou realizes that Lorenzo, the acting street boss who wants to make his promotion permanent, is working against him. With Maloney nipping at his heels Lou must perform his second hit: a high profile Alderman. When the Alderman turns up dead, Maloney suspects Lou will be nearby. He puts out an APB and Lou is picked up in the area. Little does Lou know that Maloney has a witness, a kid that Lou paid to have a bouquet of flowers sent to the Barbone residence. The kid, understanding the code of the street does not identify Lou. Although Maloney can't prove anything he is sure that Lou is the hitman and determined to lock him up. When Lorenzo finds out that Lou has been questioned in connection with the hits he decides to revoke Lou's Outfit membership. With one last hit to perform, a mob contract out on his head, and a relentless detective investigating him, Lou must prove he is worthy being the Outfit's most deadly hit man. A title he held over twenty years ago.

"Simply" To Be Screened In Boston

This sounds like an amazing film, I'll be sure to attend the screening and pass on a review.

An Iranian film 'Simply' directed by Reza Mirkarimi will be screened in the 24th Boston Film Festival from November 14-30 in Boston, US.The films will also be screened in Hamburg, Bulgaria, Yari (Sweden) and Antalya (Turkey) film festivals.The film already won the 'White Elephant Award' by Russian critics in the Moscow International Film Festival.The film 'Simply', a joint production of Mirkarimi and Iran's Cinema Development Organization, was warmly received by the audience and critics in the festival.The film depicts a day in the life of a woman from a middle class family.The film won the Best Film and Best Screenplay Awards and Hengameh Qaziani received the Best Actress award in February 2008 at Iran's Fajr International Film Festival. --IRNA

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

David Hayter Lands On Lost Planet

Looks like David Hayter is working with WB, but it isn't a Superman sequel. David Hayter has been commisioned to pen "Lost Planet" for WB. Looks like this will take him out of the running for Superman: Man of Steel, if he was even in the running in the first place.

Warner Bros. and Capcom are traveling to "Lost Planet." The studio will distribute a pic based on the hit vidgame that will be co-financed by the Japanese publisher. David Hayter, who is coming off the Zack Snyder-directed WB pic "Watchmen," will pen the screenplay. Project is set to be announced today at the E3 videogame confab held in downtown L.A. Avi Arad, Ari Arad and Steven Paul will produce through Seaside Entertainment, the shingle they formed to produce fantasy fare.


I really enjoyed Scream, but the sequels left something to be desired in my opinon. That being said, the Weinsteins feel that the franchise still has some "Screams" yet to be belted out.

CBS-owned Showtime already had an output deal with Weinstein imprint Dimension Films, which forms part of the new exclusive agreement. Other releases from TWC that will be in the deal include All Good Things, a modern remake of Seventh Samurai, The Alchemist and Panic. Dimension films in the deal mix include a remake of Scanners and Scream 4, the latest in that slasher-film series.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Shannen Doherty Returns To Beverly Hills

Is it very disturbing that I am actually interested in seeing the pilot episode of this show? I'm feeling so nostalgic that I might just cut into some of Nat's pie at the Peach Pit. According to E! Online Shannen Doherty also wants a piece of the pie...

In a nutshell: Shannen Doherty is in, Tori Spelling is out and Jennie Garth may be—wait for it—reuniting with Shannen on the screen.

A very reliable and very inside source who works on 90210 tells me exclusively that, "It is happening with Shannen. It's just a question of how long she'll shoot, whether it will be one day or ten, and what the storyline will be, but we are working on it and it is a very real thing."
Inside sources also confirm exclusively that Tori will not be able to appear in the season premiere for personal reasons. The new mom (she gave birth to a baby girl June 9) had been signed on to do "a few" episodes at the beginning of the season, but now that won't be happening.

As for Shannen's storyline, I'm told the details are still in the initial-concept stages, but the writers are hoping to get Shannen and Jennie together, onscreen, for a scene. Can you imagine?

Saturday, June 21, 2008

I will have some live reports from the Heroes Convention in Charlotte NC within the next couple days from "Metropolisman" aka Matt Rape and the mysterious JPLS (JonPetersLovesSpiders). Metropolisman has taken a large amount of photos and has attended both Friday and Saturday and will attend tomorrow the 22nd. JPLS has a pretty big scoop for those who read DC Comics.

Stay tuned!

Who Is Writing The Superman Returns Sequel: Part IV

So far we've discussed the following potential candidates as possible writers for a Superman Returns Sequel:

1) Roberto Orci & Alex Kurtzman
2) David Hayter
3) David Goyer

Our final candidates are dark horses, but are no stranger to Superman as they were commisioned to write "Justice League" by Warner Bros...

Michele & Kieran Mulroney

The latest reports are that Michele and Kieran are working on another draft of "Justice League" to have it ready for release in 2011.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Who Is Writing The Superman Returns Sequel?: Part III

The 3rd Part of our look at possible writers for a Superman sequel. The next possibility is a writer who helped reinvent another DC comic staple, Batman:

David Goyer

Credited by some for bringing back comic book movies with Blade, David Goyer seems to have his name mentioned with every comic book related film. Along with Christopher Nolan, he brought gritty realism to Batman. Goyer is attched to X-Men: Magneto and responsible for Super Max: Green Arrow.

Although Goyer is a long shot for a Superman sequel, WB could turn to his steady hand and sharp eye to write an emotional and action packed script.

Next: The Mulroneys

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Who Is Writing The Superman Returns Sequel?: Part II

Now we continue to explore the question, "Who will write Superman: Man of Steel?". The first part speculated on the sequel being written by Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci. Another possible candidate:

David Hayter

David Hayter is no stranger to comic related films with writing credits on X-Men, X-Men 2, and Watchmen. He is a friend, and worked with Bryan Singer on X-Men, and X-Men 2. On April 18th, 2008, as reported on this blog, David talked about the sequel:

David Hayter was a guest speaker at York University in Toronto Canada about 2 1/2 weeks ago. He came in to discuss his profession with the class and somebody asked him about Superman Returns and what his thoughts were on the movie. He said he thought it was great but the films biggest problem was that "it couldnt decide whether it was a richard donner film or a reboot Singer film"He said bryan is working on the sequel and hes talked to bryan about it and Bryan is aware of the fanboy complaints with SR and is committed to more modern comicbooks for MOS. He also said that Bryan was a hawk when it comes to trying to please the fans and will go all out for this one. He also told the class how much he loathes X-3.

On Tuesday May 27th, 2008 on his own IMDB messageboard, Hayter had this to say:

I have no immediate plans to work with Bryan, though I did talk briefly with his lawyer about the Superman sequel the other day. But I don't think it's likely that I will take it on.

Next: David Goyer

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Who Is Writing The Superman Returns Sequel?

From most accounts circulating behind the scenes the Superman Returns sequel is happening and aiming for 2010. The question remains, does the sequel already have the writer(s) or are meetings still taking place? Over the next couple of days I will be reporting on some of the possible contenders:

Alex Kurtzman & Roberto Orci

The duo worked on the summer blockbuster Transformers and the upcoming Star Trek film. Iris from reported that "Kurtzman and Orci seem to be interested in writing a script for MoS" on November 17th, 2007, just after Mike Dougherty and Dan Harris left the project in October.

On February 6th I reported that a "famous screenwriter" was talking with WB, this screenwriter was Roberto Orci.

Some rumors are circulating that the WB is preparing to bring a "famous screenwriter" in to discuss a possible Superman Returns sequel or a totally different Superman movie. Right now of course this is just a rumor. However, with the strike seemingly winding down and the latest news before the strike being WB was bringing in various writers to meet with, one has to wonder.

On March 10th, 2008 IESB reported that Orci and Kurtzman were in talks with WB to pen the sequel.

Word is Transformers/Star Trek scribes Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman are considering being behind the project. This gives Superman fans hope after Returns' mild disappointment amongst fan boys. The pair are apparently in talks and have had "several meetings" regarding the film. No need to worry about a lack of action from these two!

Up Next: David Hayter

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Sydney Pollack

Sydney Pollack 1934-2008

Sunday, May 18, 2008

John Williams Scoring Superman Sequel.

I was talking to one of my friends last week who happens to be a writer from a movie website. We were discussing the Superman Returns sequel and passing info back and forth, and it came up that I had some info that John Williams is in line to score a Superman Returns sequel. Low and behold, around the same time a poster on also was talking about Williams being in line for the sequel.

Now the Boston Globe is reporting that Williams is indeed going to be the next composer for Man of Steel. See below.

Ready for a new round of Indy music? Film composer John Williams will be in town this week to reunite with his old friends the Boston Pops, and he'll be premiering selections from his soundtrack to the new "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull," which opens in

Williams is laureate conductor of the Pops and a longtime collaborator with Steven Spielberg, director of the "Indiana Jones" series. He will conduct Film Night performances at 8 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday. On tap is memorable movie music including Williams's work from the "Star Wars" and "Harry Potter" series. Actress Lynn Redgrave will join in each night to narrate what's being called the "Harry Potter Grande Suite."

The program will include a tribute to David Lean, the visionary director behind "Doctor Zhivago," "Lawrence of Arabia," and "Oliver Twist." Film clips will be featured along with music.
The Pops' Film Nights events are typically evenings of good fun. Two years ago, when Williams led a similar event, "a roar of welcome from a sold-out Symphony Hall" greeted him when he took the stage, wrote Globe reviewer Richard Dyer. "Thirty years on, the special effects in the early 'Star Wars' films are beginning to look a little cheesy, but the music is still stirring," Dyer wrote.

Williams, now 76, was conductor of the Pops from 1980 to 1993. According to industry reports, he remains a busy man, with soundtracks for "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince," "Jurassic Park IV," and "Superman: Man of Steel" all scheduled for his touch.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Iron Man Review

Iron Man has dropped and its eye popping action sequences are exciting fans, here is a review from Hunter Rider of

Just got back, I absolutely loved it, Ive got no complaints, RDJ for me gives the best lead performance in any comic book movie, his charisma and deft ability to shift from defiant to cocky to sincere and passionate is fantastic to watch and makes you care about Stark all the way.Paltrow was charming and sexy as Pepper and gave Tony that human link to himself, Jeff Bridges was all presence and menace as Stane, simply brilliant! For me the movie struck a great balance, the story was interesting and followed itself through in a smart and logical path while developing Stark and showcasing the creation of the armour and tech he uses. The humour worked in all the right places and never felt like it was shoved down my throat like in some other movies. It was also balanced well with some warm moments and some dramatic ones. The scenes between Stark and Yinsen were particularly well played, adding some real heft to the film.

The action and effects were awesome, great sequences shot with plenty of verve and money shots, in fact there were a lot of tremendous "money" shots that didn't even involve action. I also liked that the action and suit time didn't crowd out Stark, Pepper and Stane, it felt to me like they did a great job of spacing the action out into healthy doses. Terence Howard is a bit underused but it's clear he will expand his role in a sequel and there simply wasn't room to use him anymore than he was in this one.

The summer movie season is off to a great start. 9/10

Monday, April 21, 2008

Thomas Tull Talks Superman Sequel

Speaking at Hamilton College, Thomas Tull mentioned a Superman Returns sequel in which he hopes to invoke more of the image of "an angry god".
See a sample of the article below, click the link for the entire article

Thomas Tull '92, founder, chairman and CEO of Legendary Pictures (the company jointly responsible for producing the films Batman Begins, Superman Returns and 300), spoke to Hamilton students on April 17 in Wellin Hall about his journey from Hamilton to film production. Tull expressed appreciation for Hamilton's impact on establishing his success, and reciprocated by screening never-before-seen footage of Legendary Pictures' upcoming Batman sequel, The Dark Knight. While lecture attendees were required to sign a nondisclosure agreement about the contents of the film clip, audience members were treated to a short scene from the movie featuring Heath Ledger in his last performance as the Joker. Tull mentioned that the lecture required his creative team to bring substantial video and sound equipment up to the Hill to screen the movie, a decision attendees undoubtedly appreciated.

While he explained that Legendary focuses on commercial projects over independent films, he said that the company seeks to make the stories they tell "elevated" and take the source material seriously. Legendary's roster of upcoming films includes a wide variety of properties, including Watchmen (from the renowned graphic novel), Akira (a remake of the popular Japanese anime film), a Superman sequel (in Which Tull hopes to invoke more of the image of "an angry god"), Clash of the Titans, Where the Wild Things Are and a film of Paradise Lost (Tull is particularly interested in the "[story] arc of Lucifer"). Tull is also sponsoring the Legendary Film Treatment Challenge, an upcoming opportunity to submit film treatments to Legendary Pictures for consideration.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Another Nail In The JL Coffin?

Chud caught up with Joel Silver at the Speed Racer Junket and he did his best to put the final nail in the seemingly long closed coffin of JL...M?

I'm in Long Beach at the Speed Racer junket and I briefly cornered producer Joel Silver to ask him how the Justice League movie would affect Wonder Woman. The answer: it won't. According to Silver, who would be in the know, Justice League has been 'tabled.'That means a lot of you can breathe a sigh of relief; while 'tabled' doesn't mean the film is officially canceled, it's likely that it won't be happening any time soon, and likely without that cast.As for Wonder Woman, Silver said it takes time to get these films made - he had Speed Racer in development for twenty years. He's still trying to get DC's Amazon on the screen but doesn't have much else to report right now.

David Hayter On Man of Steel

David Hayter was a guest speaker at York University in Toronto Canada about 2 1/2 weeks ago. He came in to discuss his profession with the class and somebody asked him about Superman Returns and what his thoughts were on the movie. He said he thought it was great but the films biggest problem was that "it couldnt decide whether it was a richard donner film or a reboot Singer film"

He said bryan is working on the sequel and hes talked to bryan about it and Bryan is aware of the fanboy complaints with SR and is committed to more modern comicbooks for MOS. He also said that Bryan was a hawk when it comes to trying to please the fans and will go all out for this one. He also told the class how much he loathes X-3.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Charlton Heston

Charlton Heston 1924-2008

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Has WB Found The Next "Harry Potter"?

Internationally acclaimed Indian filmmaker Shekhar Kapur is all set to direct a $200-million Hollywood fantasy-epic for Warner Brothers titled “Larklight”. “I was in LA last week to collaborate with writer Steve Knight for ‘Larklight’. It’s something I had signed on three months ago. It’s a franchise book and being hailed as the new ‘Harry Potter’. Warner Brothers has bought the rights. Steve and I are currently working on the screenplay,” an excited Kapur, who made the acclaimed Hollywood film “Elizabeth”, told IANS.

“Steve and I are good friends. We’ve been working on the script extensively. It’s a &200-million project, probably the most expensive film I’ve made and will ever make,” he said.
“Larklight” is the current craze on the bookshelves and its author, Philip Reeve, is being touted as another J.K. Rowling. It was an instant bestseller across the world when released in 2006.
What comes as a surprise is that Kapur has been chosen to direct the screen version. However, Kapur is no stranger to science-fantasies. Remember the aborted “Time Machine” with Aamir Khan, which he is now going to produce for director Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra? A young, bright and serious boy plays the lead. Let’s not forget Kapur discovered Jugal Hansraj for his Bollywood film “Masoom”.

Interestingly, Knight conceived and wrote the popular game show “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire”, which later became our “Kaun Banega Crorepati”. His last screenplay was “Eastern Promises”. Kapur will first complete “Larklight” in Hollywood before proceeding to do the much-talked about “Paani” in Mumbai.

Mike Dougherty Is Calling All Robots

Mike Dougherty is going to be busy the next couple years, I for one am happy for him. This project sounds pretty exciting if you ask me, and as for Mike, "Heck, I'm a fan."

Call this "sci-fi." Call this "action." Call it unworthy of Shock coverage. But we're...

a.) Big fans of Mike Dougherty (Trick 'r Treat, Superman Returns).
b.) Fans of the creators involved in this project.
c.) Anyone who cites their movie is inspired by "Godzilla" flicks wins instant kudos in our bloody

Dougherty is going to direct the animated feature Calling All Robots for Walt Disney Pictures and Robert Zemeckis' ImageMovers. He's co-scripting with Breehn Burns and Simeon Wilkins. Furthermore, because of the scope of the project, he's using the same performance capture Zemeckis used on Beowulf."I grew up watching Godzilla movies. This film is very much rooted in those movies," Dougherty tells Variety. The plot is being kept secret at this time.We hoped that, with this news, will come a break in release date info for Warner Bros. Trick 'r Treat. Alas, Variety offered nothing new other than it was pushed from last October's slot to avoid competing with the slasher fare opening that month.

Disney is giving another shot at the whole "performance capture" style of computer animation with a new flick called CALLING ALL ROBOTS. The project comes from X2 and SUPERMAN RETURNS co-writer Mike Dougherty, who's teaming with Robert Zemeckis' company ImageMovers for the flick. Details on the story are scarce, but it's a sci-fi adventure that Dougherty (who hails from an animation background) cryptically describes as a "throwback to old Godzilla movies." Don't be too surprised if it's available in three dimensions as well.Zemeckis' company was also responsible for BEOWULF and POLAR EXPRESS, and is currently working on A CHRISTMAS CAROL with digitized Jim Carrey. Meanwhile, Dougherty's directing debut TRICK r TREAT was curiously not released last Halloween.

Extra Tidbit: One of the reasons the human characters in BEOWULF look so spooky and lifeless: nobody really blinks.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Another Meal At The Peach Pit?

Brandon and Dylan are just as shocked as I am. A spin off of 90210 is returning to primetime thanks to CW and Rob Thomas. If some of the cast was returning, I might be a little mroe interested in this project, but it doesn't seem that will be the case. The Hollywood Reporter sheds bit more light on this return to Beverly Hills.

Meet the Mills, the three-generational Beverly Hills clan at the center of the CW's contemporary "Beverly Hills, 90210" spinoff. A detailed breakdown for the pilot released Monday night sheds more light on the plot and the characters of the untitled show, which is being written by Rob Thomas. Like the original "90210," the spinoff revolves around a family with two teen kids the same age -- a boy and a girl -- who recently moved from the Midwest to Beverly Hills. But this time, the dad, Harry Mills, is a Beverly Hills High alum who moved after graduation and settled in East St. Louis. He is forced to come back when his 1970s movie star mother's alcohol problem gets out of control. Joining him are his wife, Celia, a former Olympic medalist; biological daughter Annie; and adopted son Dixon.

The breakdown includes five other characters, four of them 16-year-old students at Beverly Hills High. None of them seems directly related to any of the characters on the original series, however, 16-year-old Daphne Silver and her twentysomething brother, Max Silver, share the same last name as David Silver (Brian Austin Green), who married Donna Martin (Tori Spelling) in the original "90210" series finale. Although Max may be too old to be David's son, it nevertheless is intriguing that he and his sister live alone in a mansion as their parents have been "on a cruise" for as long as anyone can remember.The spinoff also reflects the current realities at Beverly Hills High, where about 40% of the students are of Persian descent: One of the students is named Navid Shirazi.

To get the high-profile project ready for the network's upfront in May, CW and producing studio CBS Paramount Network TV opted to begin casting before the script has been completed, a practice also employed by other networks during the abbreviated post-strike pilot season. Mark Piznarski is set to direct the "90210" spinoff's pilot, which, according to the breakdown, is eyeing an April 3 production start date.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Jeepers Creepers...Another Sequel?

Blood Disgusting is reporting that a third Jeepers Creepers is in the works...I didn't even know there was a second one.

Phillips breaks the new exclusively to Bloody-Disgusting that she is in facts in talks to play a role in Victor Salva's third film. "I will say that, I can’t talk about it, but I can say we are in talks, she explains. "There is a script and there is work being done on it. Here’s the thing, I also produce films, when I have my producer hat on …that’s my job, and when I have my actor hat on, then that’s my job, I try not to intervene unless you have a director who wants your opinion. The great thing about Victor is that he is very collaborative. He not only wanted my input, he almost demanded it, It was always like what do you think what do you think. I trust him and I think he is a very talented writer. If things are to come together, and he wants my input… I have a lot to say!"

Don't Move Creep...Robocop Reboot?

Moviehole is reporting on news from AICN that MGM is tossing around the idea of rebooting the Robocop franchise. I have to agree with Clint here, not only am I tired of all of the reboots, I am even more tired of bad reboots.

AintItCoolNews pointed out a press release from MGM that lists a new "RoboCop" movie alongside upcoming franchise films already in development like "Quantum of Solace," "The Thomas Crown Affair 2" (with "RoboCop" director Paul Verhoeven on board) and for some reason, "The Pink Panther 2" and 3. Unfortunately, it looks like MGM would rather reboot the "Robocop" franchise rather than give us an easily forgettable sequel. Great - I'm sure this new remake will totally miss the point with the shocking violence, sick humor and sharp satire of the original.

While we're at it, maybe we can put some bling and spinning rims on Robocop as he chases generic hoodlums all around Detroit.The thing is, the original couldn't get any darker or more relevant - it still holds up and is an amazing piece of societal satire. Why would someone want to ruin that and tarnish the name of "Robocop" for good?

Friday, March 7, 2008

Independent Jerry?

The NY Post is reporting the return of comic Jerry Seinfeld to NBC, the network that made him famous. The yet to be named sitcom will be debuting in June and will feature a similar template as Larry David's Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Jerry Seinfeld is rumoured to be planning a major TV comeback. The 53-year-old is reportedly in talks for a new prime time sitcom on the NBC network, where his hit comedy originally ran. And the New York Post says he is taking a leaf out of Seinfeld co-creator Larry David’s book – with the show billed as ‘just like Curb Your Enthusiasm, but with Jerry, instead of Larry’. Seinfeld is set to play himself ‘in an exaggerated reality’ in the as-yet untitled series – as David does in his acclaimed HBO series. The newspaper says the new series, which would be set in New York, is expected to launch in June.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

JL(M) Is A Go For 2009

According to the juggernaut that is Variety "Justice League Mortal", which is the rumored new title, is fast tracked to drop in 2009. This is a almost a complete 180 to recent news floating around the internet the last couple days speculating that JLM might be pushed back to 2010 and moved to Canada. Even George Miller, the JLM director, called the movie's status "precarious". Exerpts from the Variety article below:

Now that the writers strike has been resolved, Warner Bros. is pushing ahead with its plans to make "Justice League" in time for a 2009 debut. Warners tried to get "Justice League" into production earlier, but put it on indefinite hold in January, allowing the cast options to expire. At the time, the studio said it didn't want to move ahead until the scribes had another shot at the script.

Scribes Kieran and Michele Mulroney are busy polishing up the script, which is expected back at the studio in several weeks, and the cast has been advised to keep training for their superhero roles. Director George Miller is in pre-production in Australia.

Now from all reports Adam Brody is playing The Flash, Common is playing Green Lantern, Megan Gale has won the role of Wonder Woman, and Arnie Hammer may or may not be playing Batman. What about Superman? As of now the actor who is supposed to strap on the cape as Superman seems to be shrouded in mystery. DJ Controna and Scott Porter seem to be the front runners to pull on the tights but I can already hear the Welling Rumors being whispered in my ear again.

What does this mean for Man of Steel, the sequel to Superman Returns? I assumed this might mean that a sequel to Superman Returns is completely dead. From what I am hearing that might not be so. There are now rumblings that Man of Steel may have finally found their writer(s). Interesting.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Monopoly The Movie?

Fox News is reporting Hasbro and Universal have reached a deal to develop four movies based on board games such as Monopoly and Battleship...

Monday, February 18, 2008

"On Broadway" March 12th in Boston

As you know I love when local talent takes a shot at the film industry and this is no exception. I received the below email this afternoon and wanted to pass the word around. Please check out the On Broadway official site and myspace page along with Dave McLaughlin's myspace page and the IMDB page. All links and synopsis in blue below. I hope to see you there on March 12th.

On Broadway tells the story of Jack O'Toole, a 30-something Boston everyman, who writes a play about his dead uncle as a way to reconnect with his hard-nosed dad. With no money and just his gut to guide him, Jack quits his job as a carpenter so that he can mount a production of his play on the only stage he can afford: in the back room of his neighborhood pub, on a little street called Broadway.

Hello all,

How would you like to help support a couple of local guys with their Boston-based film? The movie is called “On Broadway”. My friend Lance Greene (Cambridge) is an actor/producer starring in this movie. And Dave McLaughlin (Boston) is the writer and director. I was out with Lance and Dave over the weekend and we were chatting about the future of the film. It turns out the movie will be back in circulation for a few weeks in and around Boston.

On Wednesday March 12th
On Broadway will have its Theatrical release at either the AMC Regal Fenway or the AMC Loews Boston Common. The movie will also be running at 5 other local theaters, including the Somerville Theater located in Davis Square starting on Friday March 14th (check theaters for listings & times).

Lance and Dave are very talented, hard working, family guys who sacrificed so much of themselves to make this thing happen. Please help move this film to the next level. The best way to do this is to sell out the theaters. Go see the movie and spread the word to EVERYBODY. Check out the links below for more info on the movie.

Thanks much!

The Signal

At last year's Sundance Film Festival, "The Signal" was hailed as sure to end up a cult classic. The picture is the latest in a growing subgenre of horror movies that use the media as their source of fear and loathing. The film is about an electronic transmission that, for unexplained reasons, changes people into deranged murderers. The signal might come from your TV, your cell phone, or any medium. But the result is always bloody mayhem.

"The Signal" is also unusual in that it was written and directed by three young filmmakers, each of whom handled one of the film's three segments. The sections differ in tone and are meant to highlight various aspects of the story.

Selma Blair Revolted By Movie

Selma Blair was so revolted by the gore in new movie WAZ, the director was forced to cut her facial expressions out of the horrific scenes. The actress admits she's unlikely to appear in another horror movie again after her recent role as Jean Lerner in the scary film left her feeling sick. She says, "They kept having to cut away from my face. I couldn't be disgusted in the movie. This was a difficult movie to shoot. You're talking to someone who couldn't even dissect a little pig in seventh grade, and that was after all the blood had been drained out of it. "I just need to appear in a period piece really soon. A lavish, beautiful non-gory period piece."

Rhode Island's Animated Horror

This seems like a very interesting project. I am always proud to see film news originating from the Northeast.

Rhode Island firm, students to create animated horror movie.


A local animation studio is teaming with students from the Rhode Island School of Design to create a first-of-its-kind computer-animated horror movie. The Providence-based studio, The Story Hat, is planning to begin preproduction this week on the movie called Bloodline, according to the Providence Journal.

The movie tells the story of tattoos that grow and change, wreaking havoc on the people who bear them. Director Michael Corrente says he hopes the movie puts Rhode Island on the map as an animation headquarters. The studio estimates that the film could give jobs to as many as 200 people at peak production.
Information from: The Providence Journal,

Friday the 13th Shooting This Spring

Friday the 13th Films is reporting that the the reboot of the slasher franchise will launch this Spring deep in the heart of Texas.

With the writer's strike now over (yay, more Lost!), it's time to get on with the New Friday.

"We received word that Platinum Dunes' remake of Friday the 13th will now shoot on April 21 in Austin, Texas. No casting has been announced thus far, but expect some updates once the untitled David Goyer projects gets rolling. This shouldn't effect the planned February 13, 2009 release date by New Line Cinema."

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Indiana Jones Trailer!

The new trailer for Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull dropped on Good Morning America this morning.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

JLA: Death of Superman Arc?

Rumors are circulating that the Justice League script features the Death of Superman by the hands of Doomsday! I for one am shocked that WB would be using this storyline after it just dropped as an animated film, in fact, I have been saying for years that there is no way WB would return to this story arc. Isn't my face red.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Warner Bros Targets New Line

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Warner Bros is considering the elimination of New Line Cinema. Link and article highlights below.

New Line Cinema, the studio behind the "Lord of the Rings" trilogy, has spent the best part of a decade fiercely protecting its turf within Time Warner Inc. Now, barely a month into his new job, Time Warner Chief Executive Jeff Bewkes is looking to dismantle one of the company's longest-standing fiefdoms.

Moving swiftly to streamline Time Warner's movie business, Mr. Bewkes has flagged New Line as an immediate target for cost-cutting, forcing the studio to confront the scenario it has always fought against: being folded into Time Warner's main movie division, Warner Bros. Entertainment.

People familiar with the New Line situation say Time Warner is considering two options: folding the studio into the Warner Bros. division or keeping it separate and having Warner Bros. handle certain areas such as home video and international distribution. In both scenarios, New Line would be considerably scaled back and given a mandate to go back to its roots of primarily making lower-budget movies.

Selling New Line isn't an option currently being explored. The library, which in addition to the "Rings" trilogy includes the "Austin Powers" movies, the "Nightmare on Elm Street" series and the "Rush Hour" movies, is too valuable for Time Warner to give up, people familiar with the situation say.

Source: Wall Street Journal

Roy Scheider

Roy Scheider 1932 - 2008

Friday, February 8, 2008

Superman Not Taking Flight In 2009

Now I for one enjoyed Superman Returns, the movie had its flaws, and I can understand the criticism the movie has received from some fans. It obviously did not perform the way that WB projected. That being said I was optimistic when I heard a seasoned screenwriter was coming in to take over the reigns with either a Superman Returns sequel or another Superman movie. Not because I didn't like what Mike Dougherty and Dan Harris did with the Superman Returns script, but because I want to see Superman on the big screen again. I urge anybody who hasn't read the Superman Returns script to check it out, in my opinion, it flows much better than the movie did in some respects.

Anyway, this is what the Hollywood Reporter has to say about the possibitlity of a Superman Returns sequel.

There are at least nine more projects that are not dated but could be slated for 2009, according to one source. But one studio tentpole, the sequel to "Superman Returns," is not so lucky. There apparently are no current plans to add the project to the slate, according to a studio source.

Read the rest here:

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

New Superman Screenwriter?

Some rumors are circulating that the WB is preparing to bring a "famous screenwriter" in to discuss a possible Superman Returns sequel or a totally different Superman movie. Right now of course this is just a rumor. However, with the strike seemingly winding down and the latest news before the strike being WB was bringing in various writers to meet with, one has to wonder.

Thanks to Super Kal of Superherohype for the above manipulation.