Wednesday, July 16, 2008


I really enjoyed Scream, but the sequels left something to be desired in my opinon. That being said, the Weinsteins feel that the franchise still has some "Screams" yet to be belted out.

CBS-owned Showtime already had an output deal with Weinstein imprint Dimension Films, which forms part of the new exclusive agreement. Other releases from TWC that will be in the deal include All Good Things, a modern remake of Seventh Samurai, The Alchemist and Panic. Dimension films in the deal mix include a remake of Scanners and Scream 4, the latest in that slasher-film series.


Ghostface said...

Thanks for using my poster for your article,although i don't appreciate the tag line being chopped off the top without permission.Also Wess cravens name being removed too.

Showtime said...

I wish I could take credit for that little bit of photoshopping you're referring to, but I found this on the interwebs. Seems like you shouldn't have the manipulation out it public if you don't want it being used, but I'll gladly remove it if you wish.